our process

What our process looks like

Here at Product Society, we follow a streamlined procedure that has helped dozens of brands release products within a short timeframe. In all steps of the process, we maintain a high level of transparency and concierge-level customer service to our brandowners.

Formulation, Packaging
& Testing  
Distribution & Support  
Turnkey Manufacturing  
Step 1

Research and Development

  • Competitive Market Analysis by Category and Product
  • Sell-through Insights from Key Retailers
  • Branding and Packaging Design
Step 2

Formulation and Compounding

  • Benchmark Reverse-Engineering
  • Cutting-Edge Origination
  • Scalability from Lab Samples to Full-Batching
Step 3

Testing and Compliance

  • In-House Stability and Compatibility Testing
  • Label Claim and Product Registration
  • Domestic and International Regulatory Management
Step 4

Filling, Labeling, and Shipping

  • High-speed filling capacity across a multitude
    of components
  • Wrap-around and Front/Back labeling
  • Direct-to-Retail DC Shipping, both domestic
    and international